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Never Look Back

It looks better laid out all over the page but i couldn’t do that one here so the writing must speak alone!

I wrote this a while ago; it’s about heart break and the rebirth of happiness but you can interpret it how you like.

Please post if you like it smile

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Never Look Back

One in a million,
Forever and ever,
Until death do us part,
As beautiful as a dove in amongst pigeons,
Like a star alone at night,
To love and be loved,
Mine forever he promised,
As beautiful as a dream,

Then to wake,

As beautiful as a nightmare,
Just another argument,
Another face in a crowd,
A freak of nature,
Weighed and found wanting,
Another brick in the wall,
Made from the same mould,
Nothing unique,
Just a harsh face belonging to an ugly soul,
Nothingness and emptiness,

To wake again,
To say goodbye,
To be free,
And soar above the clouds,
Emptying your memory bank,
To forget but not forgive,
To never look back.


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