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A song about Ipswich, trying to make Ipswich sound gangster (which we all know it is, right? Tell nobody the truth. We have a reputation to maintain people). I’m gonna put the lyrics here since I don’t know how understandable my voice is. Oh and to warn you, my language is terrible. I mean it’s really bad, I swear all the time, you probably shouldn’t listen if you’re one of them sensitive cunts.

Put your hands up
Put your hands up
Put your hands up
Everyone in Ipswich
come on show some love
Put your hands up
Put your hands up
Put your hands up
Everyone in Suffolk
come on show some love
From Sidegate to Northgate
From Copleston to St Helens
Whether it’s the Chantry estae or near the Christchurch gates
We’re a bunch of rebellious hellions
Who have a reputation of meddlin’ for the hell of it
and we’ll never quit if we’re leathered or we’ve had a spliff
and even when we’re sober we’re still inelequant degenerates
our small-town mentality is relevantly prevalent
The dames at Portman Road get paid to be penetrated
While the chicks at the Golden Lion just pay to get off their faces
and pave the way to one day be impregnated
but who can blame them when a round only costs you eight quid
Since Zest shut down the Cockney’s don’t come from the station
With less of the around we’ve lost all outside communication
Which is why our rampant raving is blatant with observation
and the Suffolk accent just get’s stronger with every conversation.

Chorus Again.

Yeah, we rep for the White and Blue
and you know we’re fucking harder than the Giles statue
fatter than the bitch who makes up half of it too
so everybody big up the Suffolk Punch crew
and you’d better hope that we don’t Suffolk Punch you
because you don’t wann feel our fucking sucker punch dude
we’ll be watching every single motherfucker come through
because we know that every single fucking summer cunt’s bloom
and come around the docks for the fucking nice view
but they’d better hope we’re in a fucking nice mood
or they’ll get a slap and their fucking wife might too
there’s no telling what these crazy Suffolk fuckers might do
Like the lady who wears only her knickers and shoes
We’re a crazy hairy very scary bickering brood
Like lesbians who are only in a scissoring mood
all we do is grind and make the most explicit of news.

Then yet more chorus.

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1 Leah | on 10 August 2011

I’m in IP4 and my hands are up!

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