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My descent into your eyes
Began when your eyes drank the ocean
Suddenly full of depth and the memory of tears
They struck me with lotus-petal beauty
And threatened me with things I can’t know
Things that are fragile and violent
Into your ocean eyes
I would sail for days
While we converse about trouble
The portal created by your iris
Would chart my course
The flickering of emotion
Would light the way
Intensity would provide the waves
And the words between us
Would be the four winds
My own eyes could use some ocean
The dust in them blurs the real
The convergence of our vision
Would be the creation of a world
For us to traverse and
Through the storytelling of our eyes
We could know one another
The fragile and violent inside us
Flowing together as one
The undulating currents
Numbing the pain
As we sail under skies of green fire


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