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ULTRAZANG @ McGinty’s, Ipswich, November 5!

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ULTRAZANG @ McGinty’s, Ipswich, November 5!

We hope you don’t have any plans for Saturday, because you may just have to change them!

ULTRAZANG is back at McGinty’s for another night of mind-blowing music, bright lights and a sprinkling of craziness. Headlining this month is epic ska band Smack Joint, journeying all the way from the wilds of Colchester. They’re joined by Benjamin Bloom, whose first appearance at ULTRAZANG left everyone hungry for more, the staggeringly psychedelic Generation of Swine, and Jacknife Horsebox, who combine country, indie and punk like a delicious stew.

Entry’s just £3, so forget The X Factor and get down there!



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