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Christmas Fury

Well Gay Keyring got into the christmas spirit and present to you a tune that puts The Pogues and East 17 to shame.
WARNING: Multiple listening to the track will cause it to be ingrained in your brain and cause you psychological problems.

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1 Howard | on 03 December 2011

Best Christmas song ever!

2 Daisy Jones | on 03 December 2011

You had me at “bring me them ho ho hos”. :D I was a hysterically laughing mess by the last chorus. This needs to be Christmas number one.

3 Hayley Buckle | on 03 December 2011

Poor Rudolf! However, this sums up my feelings about christmas entirely.

4 Gay Keyring | on 05 December 2011

Thanks everyone!

Glad you’re liking this, dunno about Xmas #1 though, I think Nirvana are the favourites & there’s no beating them!

We might put it up for free download so watch this space…

GK xxx

5 Gay Keyring | on 05 December 2011

We just did… Get it here for free right now!!

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