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‘This Is Hip Hop’ the music video!

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‘This Is Hip Hop’ the music video!

We’re an eclectic Hip Hop group from the UK called ‘High Standards’ we’re from a small town in the south east of England called Ipswich.

We’ve released our very first music video for our new song called ‘This Is Hip Hop’ and we’d like some feedback from you guys!

We shot this during the course of one day through the eyes of the members of High Standards Music.
We kept it really raw because that’s what Hip Hop is, you make the beat, write your material and lay it down
for all to hear, we hope you enjoy watching our video and don’t forget to leave us some feedback!

You can watch our music video here! -

Here’s a link to our Facebook page if you’d like to leave us some feedback and be the first to know when we release new music!


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