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An obsessed detective listens to an insane recording left by a serial killer he’s been tracking for years.

“I simply wanted to show that it’s not all lite, editorial and sporty when it comes to stock footage and imagery from Getty Images or other stock photography websites. After finding some dark and haunting pieces through Getty’s library (some of which I found were real and not staged) the idea of “UGLY” began. Going from a 10 minute script of a racist man confessing to murdering his wife and daughter and being a part of the Ku Klux Klan to the final 3 minute film where it has become a kidnapping serial killer toying with an obsessed detective. The film has taken a couple of weeks from start to finish and I’m quite proud of it. I’m not trying to say anything about the world, I just simply wanted to create something that was more of a horror, “not-meant-for-everyone” type piece, whilst also having fun and being creative along the way. Hope you like it.”
- Simon Banthorpe

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1 Howard | on 23 February 2012

This is brilliant, you’re a very talented filmmaker.

2 Tom | on 13 May 2012

This is a nicely edited short film.  Your score works very well with the imagery and is cut together very well.

3 Simon Banthorpe | on 22 May 2012

Thanks guys! Sorry for late reply :S

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