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REVIEW: Don Quijote

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REVIEW: Don Quijote

I had no idea what to expect when I blindly ventured into The Company’s Don Quijote. In actual fact when I heard that it was loosely based on a book I’ve never read I thought thrice about even going. But now I can say I’m very glad I did!

A rather humorous prologue drew you into a large space in which we were told to sit on the floor. Then a shadow puppet/landscape show ensued. This all led us to the magnificent exploration of passion and love and the devotion to pursue it. It got the audience, and myself, really contemplating what, and whom we really want!

An amazingly likable and sweet Spanish gent amongst other talented chaps really kept me captivated, and the relaxed approach they took with this work in progress all worked towards an almost euphoric finale! I would recommend seeing this play to anyone, and I hope I get to see the final product!



Words & Images: Keir Fernie


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