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REVIEW: Party Piece, New Wolsey Young Associates

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REVIEW: Party Piece, New Wolsey Young Associates

Party Piece, written by Rob Salmon, is the perfect dramatic adaptation of all those nights you’ve spent puking in your friends bath, while under the influence of those 3L bottles of Scrumpy Jacks – the only thing you could afford after last night which ended up with your dog sitting wide-eyed after your friend ‘accidentally’ fed him hashcake.

It’s got everything that your typical Friday night houseparty consists of: beer soaked carpets, overturned pot noodles, partial nudity (in abundance), sex, and that girl that insists on singing karaoke in a way that makes you think that, actually, Cliff Richard isn’t really that bad.

Hilariously realistic, Party Piece manages to partner comedic lines – the best of which being: “Hello, I’m Aiden and I’m a cunt.” – with poignant themes, reminiscent of those comedown-induced conversations a good night always ends with.

Playing the inebriated young scalliwags are four aspiring actors from the New Wolsey Young Associates: Jack Brett plays the sex-mad bi-curious socialite, Lorna Garside plays the token girl who ponders life and the future, Aiden Napier plays that boy who will do anything if you give him a couple of shots, and Steve Withers – my personal favourite – plays that boy you find at every houseparty going, that no-one can remember exactly how they know him. All managed to perform this incredibly well-choreographed and rehearsed play beautifully and convincingly.

A great play, but probably not one to bring your parents to unless you are prepared to answer countless questions about that ‘gathering’ you were going to have next month when they go to Spain.


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