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In moments when one reclines, often times with a ‘menu’ of thoughts racing through their head, the timely source of solace is writing to some it’s music…. On one of those typical days my imagination drove me far off and I observed life like the teacher in Ecclessiastes. This resultingly is the fruit of that journey. Life and its various issues. This is meant to get the reader to think and possibly appreciate the work of this mind…

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We are the stars that make it happen. They are the clouds that highlight our beauty. Who is that island that needs no one? I know what a fool would reckon.
In the endeavour to delve why things happen, am deadlocked. Then I acquiesce to the notion that life is each day we get. Many lose out on it when they dwell on the past or think they can master their tomorrow. And there’s this interesting observation; There’s just but 16-20 years we got to be children yet the decisions herein affect how we spend the rest of our lives.
Picture this irony: Many are better on the receiving end, but the givers benefit more (juxtapose a philanthropist and the poor man’s benefits). Yeah read on….
Ideas are ubiquitous plus my use of the recently learned vocabulary is acceptable otherwise Shakespeare’s contribution to the English language would go to waste and critics like Joshua would never recognise my flair.
Meanwhile, funny money is a big part of our family trees, yet amazingly you and you…yes you deny its position therein. I endeavour to make the most of what I have, like sipping wine in my chopper in my dreams. Will I not quench it (the most I have)? No!!! Hope pats my back reassuringly; “relax Frank, chance happens to all.”
Annoyingly the evanescence of societal morals has heightened tragedies. And again I wonder whether my fortune will be amassed from genuine toil. So I relentlessly work the system and to my siblings I pass on knowledge acquired through experiences. Please stick to the ‘genuine’ people you have around, they might prove relevant at the crossroads.


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