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Dreams will be against the world

it’s political and emotional

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Dreams will be against the world

the world have become complicated that you find the system is hard
sometime I wonder that the dreams inside you counts
maybe one day we’ll find our way home
too find a way to beat the system
It fells like a river from bad to good, you have too find a way to make it happen

Maybe tonight that the good dream will be against the world
maybe someday the dream are against the world
I’m seeing the skies, the beauty of it is you got to take control what you are
maybe someday we will see
find away to make it happen

being close and open to someone special that you know
it’s brings a felling to someone that you’ll care
Maybe I will find a way to see the direction
Maybe I will make it happen and making
maybe the kindness will lead to somewhere nice and beautiful

written by Matt Catling



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