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Frequently Asked Questions @ John Peel Centre, Stowmarket, June 26!

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Frequently Asked Questions @ John Peel Centre, Stowmarket, June 26!

A 10-step guide to adult life, by teenagers…

Ever wanted to know the answers to such momentous questions as ‘Why is the fluff in your belly button blue?’

Well, this is the show for you.

Working in partnership with the Birmingham Rep and Liverpool Everyman, the New Wolsey Theatre has been successful in achieving funding to create and tour theatre for young people by young people.

The scheme has been called Young Theatre Makers and their first production, Frequently Asked Questions, will be presented on June 26 by the New Wolsey’s Young Associates.

The show tackles some fundamental questions that have puzzled generations, such as ‘Why do donuts have holes?’ and ‘War, what is it good for?

Put simply, it’s a warm, funny and revealing 10-step guide to adult life – from the perspective of four young people from Suffolk who have yet to experience adulthood!

Tickets are just £5 so don’t hang about if you want one, as at that price they’ll go like hot cakes…

‘Why do hot cakes sell faster than cold ones?’


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