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Fat man in the towel

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Fat man in the towel

Dingus Khan pick up column inches after rock n roll antics at Latitude

Rock n roll often feels like it’s dead in the water when you watch the Brits on TV or go to see a big-name artist play a large, soulless venue. The days of hell-raising bands seem consigned to our parents’ era – how sad is that!

Some, however, are keeping the flame alight – taking the denigration for their behaviour firmly on the chin, as they would a punch on the nose for being different at school. One such band is Manningtree’s Dingus Khan, led by formidable front man Ben Brown/Mick Squalor/ and now ‘fat man in the towel.’

Will one man’s continued crazy antics get this band where they deserve to be – in the wider public eye?

The band are good enough to ‘make it’, as lots of Suffolk musicians have shown they are since IP1 has been covering the local scene. For example, back in the day, Ed Sheeran was easily being rivalled by a handful of local acts that included Ben Brown’s former band, Elfred and the Uber Peas (page 16). But then Ed went to LA on holiday with his parents, took his guitar with him, played a couple of songs at an open mic night where Jamie Foxx was in the audience, and the rest as they say is history…

Ben’s antics are paying off. At this year’s Latitude he was on top (or bottom) form, whichever way you look at it, and it’s getting him noticed for all the right (or wrong) reasons!

Dingus Khan made the headline of DIY magazine’s excellent write-up of the event, which preceded a 300-word paragraph dedicated to Ben’s starring role at the festival “dressed in nothing but a blue bath robe and what looks like a nappy.”

MOJO also picked up the story: “Here’s that ginger man again (how did he get here?) – even more excitable this time (it transpires he’s the singer of Manningtree upsetters Dingus Khan).”

Great stuff! Keep up the publicity stunts Ben, and keep writing amazing songs (band), as it’s a combination of the two that will get you there.



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