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Bindanox - Rewind the Future

Rarely does someone come along that you feel has totally left the boundaries and ties of the modern music scene behind but Bindanox is exactly that. Bindanox is an artist I’m very excited about. I think his near perfect EP “Rewind the future” harks back to all the things that made hip hop great. Shining a mirror on the past, reminding us of what made the world fall madly in love with the genre that now permeates through every aspect of modern life.

Bindanox Aka Snooker Boys Nelson Binda does not only look backwards with nods to the likes of Afika boombaba, Moby and Fatboy Slim but he is also forward thinking and dynamic. With this EP he really showcases his new unique sound using influences but still pushing into more modern genres of chiptune and techno.

This Ep is available to download from Housefly Records for FREE (as always!!) on the 16th at midday (U.K time).

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