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Housefly Records interviews Bindanox

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Housefly Records interviews Bindanox

Nelson Binda’s projects included Snooker Boys and Optimistic. This month saw the release of his new EP, Rewind the Future, under the new project name Bindanox.

As a label head, Bindanox is a project I’m very excited about. In my humble opinion this new sound brings forward a nearly perfect EP. Rewind the Future harks back to the early 80s when all things hip hop were brand new and breakdancing swept the world. This new unique sounds hold up. Shining a mirror on the past, almost reminding us of what made the world fall madly in love with the genre that now permeates through every aspect of modern life.

Bindanox’s new sound brings to mind the likes of Afika Boombaba, Moby and Fatboy Slim but it also is forward-thinking and dynamic. With this EP he really showcases his new unique new sound using a wide range of influences but still pushing into more modern genres of chiptune and techno.

I had the opportunity to speak to Nelson and asked him a few questions about this new project.

[Housefly Records] Where do you think this project came from?
[Bindanox] This project has been on my mind for some time now and I thought that now was the right time to do something under the Bindanox moniker.

What other artists inspired you and influenced this new sound on this project?
Although I have several influences such as Moby, Fatboy Slim and Quentin Tarantino I really wanted (and still want) to create my own sound or at least try. I’m not interested in reinventing the wheel or anything like that I just make what I feel inside and try my best and if that somehow can communicate with other people than great.

What do you think the future holds for you as far as Bindanox goes?
Hopefully people will like what they hear and the support will be positive. On a personal level I would love to play some of these tracks live with a drummer and make more and better tracks but let’s see how it goes.


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