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Everything but the girl: poetry and art exhibition, November 29 – December 4, Ipswich!

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Everything but the girl: poetry and art exhibition, November 29 – December 4, Ipswich!

Have you ever thought to yourself that your life would make a good book, film or plot line in a favourite soap?

Putting pen to paper, describing your thoughts and feelings, may seem like a good reflective exercise. It is this that forms the basis of a forthcoming Suffolk book, Everything but the girl – a raw, poetic response to relationships, lust and love by Ipswich author and graphic designer, Joanne Holmes.

Everything but the girl showcases modern art, illustrations, watercolour paintings, digital art and textiles. The book contains impressions and artworks by local artists in response to the poetry, offering readers a unique insight into the creative talent within Suffolk.

Ipswich illustrator Alex Smith will be producing a creative insight into the poem Beyond Sunday, that depicts a moment of anger and frustration. His artwork will feature alongside UCS art and graphic design graduates Jonathan Mallett, Emily Godden and Suzanne Franks. Also featuring in the book is Suffolk collage artist Lucy Walter. Their artwork, including the poetry book will be exhibited at the Freudian Sheep Gallery, St. Helen Street, Ipswich, as part of a collective exhibition.

Launching on November 29 with a private viewing, which will include a guest speaker, book signings, free drinks and a chance to meet the artists involved, the exhibition concludes on the December 4. So maybe, rather the catching up on the fate of dancing celebrities or wannabe pop stars, you could pop down to your local gallery and lose yourself in some real-life drama!


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