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SPILL festival – What to see on day three!

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SPILL festival – What to see on day three!

At the time of writing this, it’s day two of SPILL festival 2014 and those of you wandering around Ipswich town centre will have definitely noticed the beautiful SPILL banners, and may also have heard some strange sounds emanating from previously derelict buildings!

Well, for those of you who always fancied nosing around Ipswich police station without being naughty, this is your chance. There are several events being held in the previously occupied building. A highlight has to be Meridian Rhubarb – a site-specific experiment with text, sound and visuals: Randomness and order are equally weighted and the performance has a new chapter added each time. So see it twice if you don’t believe us; we saw it today and we give it a thumbs up.

Love Eurovision or hate it, check out DOUZE by XNTHONY, who’s gunning for Eurovision glory – succumb to your inner extrovert and check it out at 6pm on Friday 31 October – what more could you wish for on Halloween?

For those of you who want to take the plunge into SPILL but want to see something on a student-friendly budget – pop over to Ipswich Art School on Friday 31 October, 11–12.30pm, for the second free SPILL Salon of the festival. According to the booklet, the speakers will be discussing adapting the body and psyche as form, training, consent and taking risks as content.

Intrigued? We are – take the risk and dive in.

Photography: XNTHONY by Conor Clinch


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