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Chewed Up + Chestburster + Casual Nausea @ McGinty’s, Ipswich, September 20!

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Event organiser Zoe Barrow gives you the lowdown on DIY anti-ska project, Chewed Up, who are at McGinty’s on Sunday night – supported by Chestbuster (Alien fans) and Zoe’s very own Casual Nausea

Chewed Up
Our buddies from Sheffield return to Ipswich with their own brand of anti-facist crusty Skacore fun! Positivity and good times are inevitable. so be prepared to run around in circles and shout CYCLE PATH in the appropriate places. Here is a video of them playing at 0161 Fest in Manchester. It was the first day of our tour with them, and 2 Sick Monkeys earlier this year:

From the murky depths of Braintree, Essex in the UK come Chestburster. Three Horror and Sci-Fi obsessed nerds that play a mix of hardcore, thrash and grind. When they have managed to tear themselves away from watching the Aliens boxset they have laid waste to venues around the UK and have shared the stage with bands such as Weekend Nachos and Napalm Death.
Here is the music video they have made for their song Prowler:

Casual Nausea
And us lot Casual Nausea! We couldn’t miss an opportunity to play with Chewed up again! Expect our usual horrible racket. Here is a video of us at The Owl Sanctuary, doing our song Let it die and covering Bullshitter by 2 Sick Monkeys

Full event details can be found here


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