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Tag along to the Think Tank on Monday 21st December at 7pm for some free flowing discussion (and perhaps even a glass of mulled wine).

What does survival look like for the arts and culture in 2016? How do independent artists keep going? How do theatres and galleries manage to stay open? How can we ensure that art and heritage and culture remain a meaningful and important part of our daily lives, when all around us vital services are cut to the bone?

Can we as artists, audiences and cultural workers support each other’s diverse stakes in what art is to find models for unity or strong alliances that work?

This event coincides with the culmination of a 3 day choreographic lab at DanceEast, led by international dance artist Mark Lorimer (Belgium). Within the studio-based framework 18 independent artists, who live in the East of England, interact with each other to explore inter-disciplinary collaborations across dance, performance and the visual arts.

Mark Lorimer and the workshop participants will join the open conversation at the Think Tank, which is aimed at everyone and anyone who is interested in how we keep a diverse arts landscape flourishing.

Supported by Stephanie Schober & Dance Company, Independent Dance, DanceEast and Arts Council England.

Image: Mark Lorimer pictured by Roen Trigvue


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