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We are a band from Suffolk who started as a four piece in 2004, became a five piece in 2005, became a six piece in 2007 and then split up in 2008. In that time we recorded 3 EP’s and one album (2007’s ‘A Beauty To Fight For’).

In October 2011 we play our first show in over three years. We are back in our original line-up and are very happy to be here.

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“Absolutely gorgeous.”

- Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1

“As mesmeric as any exponents of the much-maligned post-rock genre you care to mention, ‘A Beauty To Fight For’ bleeds ambition, despair and an ultimate desire to push itself one step further with every passing moment.”

“Fiercely creative and technologically minded. You will like this band!”

- Drowned In Sound (
“Headlining we have the quite remarkable The Shadow Project bringing what they describe as ambient, experimental electronica to the party. Sounds interesting already but we reckon it’s a hell of a lot more than that. You will be blown away…”

- Turning Worm Promotions (

“Hark at this lot! Fabulous post rockist leanings pursued in the most dynamic of manners. A remarkably good band y’all.”

“Fantastic tunes…weird sounds, samples, great lyrics…trippy as fook and we are happy to chew our lip and get all saucer eyed in their company.”

“Cooler than cool.”

- Bugbear Promotions (

“Interpret The Shadow Project’s ‘A Beauty To Fight For’ as you will while acknowledging that it is the debut album of 2007.”

- Wombat Wombat (

“Heart-stopping and invigorating soundscapes make up The Shadow Project’s debut album. Imagine the looser moments of The Stone Roses’ first album, coupled with the fuzzy ambience of Kid A and you’re not far off.”

The Fly (

“(The shadow project)...will, whatever your incantation, make you ache inside, either for what you’ve lost, what you have or what you could have. Dip your toes in and join the meditation because this is pure bliss. “

- r*e*p*e*a*t fanzine (

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Location: Ipswich


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