Jacob Javan Grant

Jacob Javan Grant


My background in graphics and music has enabled me to go into many contrasting fields. They have ranged from Editorials, Live Events, Creating & Editing Video for a UK Department Store, Film Production, IT implementation, Music Production and TV. I love to draw so it was only natural that I would lean towards Graphic Design and Motion Graphics. My second love is music and I have created many pieces of music, most notably for children with learning difficulties which is taught to children all around the world.

I believe education is not only a key to a successful life, but the main element in finding who you are as a person. Growing up in Northampton, there was never a shortage of inspiration. The confidence I have within my work is greatly due to the education I received.

I have always believed that the more knowledgeable and open minded you are in any given area the more input and better informed opinion you will be able to make. I see graphics and music being an important tool for people to communicate different ideas to each other. With the advent of the internet it would be wasteful not to learn how to use these technologies around us to our benefit.

I can only hope that I will be able to give something back to another person pursuing the same path I started on.

Age: 49

Gender: Male

Location: Grays, Essex

Website: www.jacobjgrant.netau.net

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