Marli Merker

Marli Merker


I was born six something decades ago in Sao Leopoldo, a town that is the seat of German colonization in the very south of Brazi, since 1824. So, I am German-Brazilian that spoke only German until I went to school.
I taught al all levels of scooling, from elementary school to college. At the university, my career started as a teacher of Medieval French Literature (in French). After my M.Sc. at Cornell University (US)I began teaching American and British Literatures, as well as EFL, and Teacher Training Practice (In-Service). I too my Ph.D. at Cornell, and coordinated a Graduate course on Semiotics, while teaching British, American, and Post-Colonial Literatures. For almost forty-years I was a college teacher and loving every moment of it. I am married to my junior-high sweetheart, and I have 4 kids and 8 grandchildren.

Age: 75

Gender: Female

Location: Sao Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, BRAZIL


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