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The sun rises upon the day


Just tried to put some observations ive made into some lyrical sense, i hope you enjoy!

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The sun rises upon the day

The sun rises upon the day
The bombs crash down and sweep away
The faces and the places, plain
Who really cares?

Those who work for minimum wage
In jobs that seem to take an age
They do not converse, but merely engage
In idle chatter

Whilst tracksuited clones whithout any style
Sit at home watching Jeremy Kyle
Then down the job centre, rank and file
Feel their stares

The obnoxious boys in obnoxious cars
Playing basslines and beats that can be heard on mars
And drink and smoke under the stars
And conquests they compare

And the girls who take well over an hour
To make themselves look like a beautiful flower
Then slip on high heels so they can scower
For a lay

The dull day fades into the night
With bars adorned with neon light
And bravado fuelled drunken fights
The weekend war

Come, sun and rise upon the day
When hell feels like its on its way
Soon the town will be in decay
The ground sighs a relief.


1 louise ward | on 29 December 2009

excellent stuff! i really like the composition of this. And the subject matter is pretty accurate!

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