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Citalopram is a drug that prescribed for people with signs of depression or anxiety.
I know many people who have been put on it, all with distinctly different symptoms and problems;
ranging from, anxiety problems with eating to preventing becoming depressed even before someone showed any signs of it.
And now I’m being urged to go it.
The side effects vear from:
Feeling or being sick,
Sleepiness, dizziness, weakness,
Headaches, Increased sweating, shakiness,
difficulty focusing, difficulty sleeping, agitation, nervousness,
loss of appetite, weight changes, being aware of your heart beating,
difficulty concentrating, anxiety, confusion, runny nose,
sexual difficulties, indigestion, stomach pain, feeling faint, and difficulties in passing water.

Oh.. And risks of wanting to commit suicide.

-does this sound worrying to you?
-Have you ever been on citalopram and experienced any of the above?

Personally, I think this drug is a hazard and is being prescribed far too easily.


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