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The Office

It not a poem about david brent - just more observations i have observed!

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The Office

A repeated cycle of five days
Waking up in a scornful haze
To then look outside to see the skies are grey
And release sigh of dismay

Performing a job that seems mundane
Everyday different, though essentially the same
Through sun, sleet, hail, wind and rain
Money is the cause, money is the blame

Pens, pencils, files and staplers
Filing cabinets and noteheaded paper
Photocopiers and the tea maker
And release a sign of dismay

The ones who are eager to progress
Putting in hours and flirt to impress
Believing its the way to eventual success
Moneys the cause, moneys the blame

Keeping an eye on the clock hands ticking
Frustrated as the time is slowly trickling
Moving sooo slowly, surely the hands are sticking!
And release a sigh of dismay

At the end of the day there are spaced out faces
On worn bus seating spaces
Fatigued and aching from the rat races
Moneys the cause, moneys the blame

Get home and later find solace in your bed
For the last part of the day carrying a weary head
Next day go out and win what they call “bread”
And release a sigh of dismay.


1 Howard | on 02 March 2010

I really like this Bellamy. the repetition of ‘Moneys the cause, moneys the blame’ is effective, and like all your work, its subject matter and imagery is easy to relate to. just what i like in a poem.

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