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Madonna, Mullets and Miami Vice - the 80s

Just some bits an bobs about some of the finer points of the 80s. If you think its crap, furry muff, it only took 15mins or so! But please comment anyway, tell me how shit it is!!!

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Madonna, Mullets and Miami Vice - the 80s

Madonna,  Mulletts and Miami Vice
Rubiks cubes, the breakfast club and Marty Mcfly
Synth pop bands and Duran Duran
And some popular sci-film about large plains of sand

Arnold Schwarzenegger hunting Sarah Connor
Sent back from the future to kill her, while
Yuppies making deals on their mobile phones
As big as bricks, you could build new homes!

The Delorean launched but then it fails
Although the revolution of tetris and pac-man is hailed
Assasination attempts here, John Lennons death there
A massacre occurred in tianamen square

Skanking to one step beyond by madness
While Morrisey in his overcoat, sings of his sadness as
Visage tells us we all fade to grey
While New Order sings of a Blue Monday

The cold war seemed to make everyone hot
It wouldve only took one side to lose the plot
and bring down hell up our lands
The Berlin wall knocked down by human hands


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