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Kevin and Andrew have a nice new plan.

Kevin and Andrew (the informal laid back and very connected and interested managers of an old workplace) send a nice piece of very specific and didactic legislation instructing the good staff on how to screw the last penny out of the average joe by literally any means necessary.

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Kevin and Andrew have a nice new plan.

Retail is God’s arse sweat dripping on to Earth.
It plummets and lands heavily, oozing itself into a pile.
It then stagnates and spreads into everything good around it. People treat it as a convenience.
People become blind to it.
People work there because it’s so…errh.

Forces you to question choices and a human life and it’s worth.
As you navigate the f*****g vile.
Lost in a dust cloud of waste vapours, longing for some form of wit.
People only expect obseqiousness and obedience.
People bow down to the illogical s**t.
People reside, stagnate, and…errh.

I’ll say goodbye until i put my mask back on somewhere else, thanks, at which point I’ll say “Bonjour” and talk about the wrongs of Madame Bovary. Because that will work.


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