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Predators (2010)

A review of Predators (2010)

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Predators (2010)

“Upon entering the movie theatre to see this movie flip your switch onto “Man-Mode”. But, please do remember to flip the switch back upon leaving.*

Predator has become somewhat of a joke in the past few years, appearing in the awful AVP and the even worse AVPR. Now you will be glad to know it is back and it reminds us it is a force to be reckoned with once again.

A group of humans are abducted and placed on Predator’s home planet to be hunted, even the trees and wildlife has been placed there. Among the group of humans there are; Royce, played by Adrien Brody, an American mercenary soldier, Edwin, played by Topher Grace, a physician who feels out of place, Cuchillo, played by DannyTrejo, a Los Zeta drug cartel enforcer from Baja, Stans, played by Walton Goggins, a famous mass murderer who was days from being executed, Isabella, played by Alice Braga, A CIA sniper and Noland, played by Lawrence Fishburne, An American Air-Calvary soldier who has been on the planet for “ten seasons”. Side Note: We don’t find out how long ten seasons actually is so we just have to assume it’s a very long time.

Right from the start you know what you are in for… Action, nothing more nothing less, action in all of its glory. This is definitely a movie that can be described with one word and that word is Awesome. The film pulsates testosterone throughout, some will question its integrity and to them I say it’s a B-Movie and it knows it is a B-Movie, in this particular case this argument actually works! B-Movies don’t need integrity they need to be either ridiculous or fun, this movie falls into the latter. The film’s definite inspiration came from The Most Dangerous Game.

The four Predators in question are not the better known Predators but a different tribe of Predators that may be at war with the better known Predators, Noland says that one are like wolves whilst the others are like dogs. The title’s play on words is very clever seeing as the group of humans is a group not be messed with; even Physician Edwin has a little secret. Also pointing out that without the Predators the group would have ended up causing harm to one another in one way or another. Even the score is incredible, not that many will pay attention to this given the subject matter, it moulds itself perfectly to the atmosphere which is very rare in an action movie of this sort.

The cast, as a collective, are a delight. Particularly A Lawrence Fishburne’s character. At various points throughout the movie it does feel like a rehash of the first movie but this is not a major issue because as an audience we should be having too much fun to care about such things! As much as the movie is it does not feel like the movie we were promised in the drool inducing trailers and is in no way as fantastic and thrilling as the first movie, but that’s just nit picking isn’t it?

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Doesn’t quite live up to the expectations but men will most likely lap this up but women may want to take along a jar of testosterone to appreciate it.


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