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Mount Inkerman

My idea of a soldier in the crimean war recounting conditions and feelings before he is sent to his death

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Mount Inkerman

We rode into hell that fateful day
The many men in our many brigades
The humid heat, the caressing breeze
The thousands of men stood ill at ease

Infantrymen, the men at arms
Doing well to remain very calm
And those atop faithful steed
Foreheads marked with sweat-beads

We wait now for the bugle call
Where we will wholeheartedly and fervently chase forth
On the soberest of sober days
Insanity in man lurks not far away

The searing heat, this unforgiving suit
The bear skin hats, the leather boots
Although i appear supremely stately
It causes me to perspire greatly

We wait now for the bugle call…

My mouth is arid, my skin feels prickly
The tension is causing me to feel sickly
I converse with my fellow man
About our latest charge, the task in hand

His voice relays one statement, his eyes tell another
Scanning the land for somewhere to cover
We polish our swords, and say a prayer to the lord
Before the call to venture forth

We wait now for the bugle call…

A sudden quiescence fell upon us
The commands were clear, stark and honest
I could hear my heart pound in my left ear
A repetitive resonance, the rhythm of fear

With our generals permision, we take up our position
To charge head first and command our oppositions submission

We wait now for the bugle call…
I view them as they stand facing us
We wait now for the bugle call…
Perspiration running of my forehead, is getting in my eyes
We wait now for the bugle call…
And wait…


I sprint i must, to engage my foe first
Eager to quench my manic bloodthirst

The pandemonium dims, an ambience is all i hear
The thuds of my heart beat ringing out clear

We meet and the battle ensues
Some will win and some will lose…

We rode into hell that fateful day
Where the chariots of fire were all ablaze
As i took that fatal hit and descended slowly to the ground
In my final moments could hear voices, neighing horses and the haunting tones of that bugle sound…


1 Tinny Buffnell | on 16 August 2010

This is really great! I love it x

2 bellamy | on 17 August 2010

Cool, cheers!

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