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Brick through the window,
foot through the wall.
Empowerment will follow
and you’ll have a ball.

Verisimilitude’s a constant -
Feeling spikes in the breeze.
Vociferous demands warrant
that allows a cough and sneeze.

Shock hyperbole LOUD
or ambiguous paranoid flicks.
Again alone in the crowd
Surrounded by incompetent

Phallus allus be aboot
Just no idea when it will shoot.
A nation of hamaphrodites and abstinence
work in theory, begin the moot.

No steers from here
No queers from there
No one from anywhere but
everyone from everywhere.

Drill a well in your bed
pierce entirely the head
that rests on such aquiline shoulders
upon which tumbles erudite boulders.

Offence and defence and transcendence of fence,
drive me a benz and portray me a tense
man, full of spunk, former punk, good to bunk and great for drunk.

”                            “
”                            “
hissing of rubber breathes danger.
Sirens ringing, a shooting at a brothel seeps blood
into the mud outside the stadiums, nightclubs and parliament, the carrot and macaroni and cracks in the pavement and premature fruit juice hit the earth over and over again until it’s left gasping, hyperventilating.
Sounds from the manger.


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