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Emotions, pressure, excitement, worry, fear. Scratching at the surface of my mind like a cat pouncing on its prey.
My hearts beat was echoing through my body leaving me in suspense. My hand shaking, nerves showing in every breath, one breath at a time I told myself, that would push them feelings out that stalked me, calming my mind for a short time but them feelings returned and more powerful than before.

Silence, that was our cue, my legs like jelly wobbling, as I got closer to my destination. The moment that I had been waiting for had arrived; I was eager for the day to come, only now dreading the performance.
Action, Tears gripped the surface of my eyes, strength was what kept them there, close to spilling but scared too. It had to be done; I was prepared though that fact was absent from my mind. My feelings were like instruments playing their own melody to their own beat. Come on we can do it a familiar voice whispered sending shivers down my spine, though them words did soothe me.

As I stepped out on to that stage, what was an empty, deserted stage a flash of excitement exploded within me, all those thoughts that stirred my body had broken, shattered like a mirror, an invisible mirror, all that lied in front of me now was opportunity, all that was in me was energy. I knew then that this was it, that this would me my chance.


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