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Soul Within Art

I wrote this after reading an essay by Edgar Allan Poe, where he had analysed the published works of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

And then I looked at the painting that hung on the wall by my seat… and that got me thinking about the rather immediate, yet unassuming question, ‘what is art?’

When you go to a gallery and see paintings, are those works of art? Or is art something new and original, something which can not only seen but also touched? And from there I thought about love, and the inconsistencies of relationships…

If you were to ask me for the meaning, I would say ‘read the text… form your own meaning’.

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Soul Within Art

Exaltation of the Soul;
The fragment of mere consequence
To which I have no suggestion.
For art is Art, and I am the Spectator.

Vivid Desire; upon the flesh of
Nothingness; my mind unto thou
A segment of Creation. Herein our
Difference is Defined. But Paradox Transient.

Moreover, Unity is Brief. Undercurrents of
Our relationship are strong, but highly repressed.
To paint over one’s instantaneous thoughts is highly
Unambitious. To repress, we need to act and

React. But what may exist between us, now that
We only write in uneducated form? With intellect,
We Speak; but with feeling, we must act. Explain your
Painting: what is its Predominant feature? Or is it just


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