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The Burning Wind from the North

That moment of desperation when a lover is to walk away…

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The Burning Wind from the North

If I close my eyes and let my senses run wild
Would it work, would it have an effect?
As the north wind blows in
A thousand small pimples ‘set up camp’ across my skin
There’s fire in the air
That ignites into my lungs
Burning through my blood
Bubbling and boiling blood
Bubbling and boiling blood: for you
So if I was to close my eyes, would you understand me?
Would you know why I gripped so tightly:
To your hips
(As if they were your heart and soul)
So neither would let go
If I open my eyes
Would it be your face I see?


1 tayler | on 05 March 2009

I love this, I really do. So emotive. I love the part about the hips being theheart and soul, the words you’ve used like ‘ignites’ and ‘gripped’ really conveys how strongly this person feels. Love it.

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