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Extinct (Produced By Matt Salter)

A little something that didn’t make the cut for my new EP coming may.

I’m lost, broken, close minded in my shell
Hoping that tomorrow is a lighter shade of hell
The thought dying seems to sell
I Spark a lighter smoke an L
Now I’m flying past the bells
That rang silent when I fell

The weather masked the welts,
on my scarred heart I felt
I could never asked for help, I thought you could tell
I then bought the Devils wealth
And began to taunt myself
Taught myself that I could burn
Earn an urn with every turn
I learnt that hurt is blissful
I thought to throw a Fistful
Wishful I could save myself
destroying everything else
Employing my own self help

Pain passed pressures, preserving
Past problems, placing pictures permanently, programming people perfectly, you could say I’m certainly
A figure of eternity, Ellipses of a burning breed. Eclipse’s both the the earth and seed, ensuring all you burn and bleed. Burn and bleed.


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1 Daisy Jones | on 27 March 2015

If this didn’t make the cut I’m eager to see what the stuff that did is like! Really unique lyrics.

2 BenJamYn | on 10 September 2015

Full Ep
Silence owns us available @

3 BenJamYn | on 10 September 2015

Full Ep
Silence owns us available @

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