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From The Ep Silence Owns Us
By Ben Goddard & Salt Beats

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Hard copies available upon request

hear the silence hear the silence
don’t listen to my words hear silence

There’s peace violence
policing sirens
beating migrants
the beasts inside us
Increasing eyelids
seeking timeless
the peak of mindless
preaching kindness
Teach with tridents
speaking my sense
repeating my steps
feet in sideways
flying lions
bias science
reaching pilots
silenced giants
climbing high rents
finding riots
children dying
yes your highness
your diamonds shining
No your lowness
children goalless
finding coal dust
climbing ropes cut
silence owns us
reaching for trust
bias liars
flying low cuts
feet in focused
repeating low cuts
speaking chokes us
teaching throats cut
preaching no love
the peak is above
seeking no judge
increasing low drugs
the beast is no thug
beating loners
policing knows us
theres peace in known love

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