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Loveone: Ipswich’s original go-to shop for all things quirky!

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Loveone: Ipswich’s original go-to shop for all things quirky!

As one of the founding establishments of the independent scene of local businesses in The Saints area of Ipswich, Loveone is an absolute treasure trove of individual artwork and crafts from local creatives.

So it’s your mother’s, brother’s, sister’s, boyfriend’s birthday, and you’ve got to buy them a present. You could take the easy (and some may say boring) route and get them a voucher so that they can buy some books or music or some high-street clothes. Heck, you can even buy Nando’s vouchers these days and nothing quite says ‘happy-being-pushed-out-of-your-mum’s-hoo-hah-day’ like spicy chicken, ay?!

Or… you could head slightly off the main high street of Ipswich over to St Peters Street and buy something wonderfully individual and quirky from Cathy at her Loveone store.

Loveone has been running since 200,7 so if you haven’t already discovered this little trove of delights then quite frankly it makes me think that you’ve been living under some kind of metaphorical rock for the past seven years.

There is some seriously cool stuff in this Tardis-like shop.

You want one-off prints featuring dogs in top hats? You got it. You want candles that smell like heaven? You got it. You want odd-shaped stuffed animals? Glass skull ornaments? Art supplies? Wonderful, matte-finished magazines with arty photos in? You’ve absolutely blooming got it!


This menagerie of wonder really is the knees of the bees, the dog’s dangly bits, the cat’s PJs, and whatever other odd euphemism tickles your pickle. It is your one-stop shop for all things unique (and it’s totally affordable, too #win)!

If you don’t enter Loveone in a good mood then you certainly will when you leave because Cathy’s enthusiasm for her shop, local talent and for promoting Ipswich as a great place to visit/live is palpable (the fact that I found her picking blackberries in the shop’s back garden when I arrived simply adds to her loveliness).

I posed a few questions to Cathy to really to get to the bottom of why she loves working in Ipswich so much, and what she would like to see more of in the future…

When did Loveone open and what inspired you to set it up?
Loveone opened its door November 2007, having been an online business for 18 months and also a pop-up before they were trendy! The shop idea evolved from my work as an interior designer, where I was finding myself buying more and more products for clients.

I have always enjoyed shopping and was frustrated that I couldn’t buy the products I wanted in my home town. I grew up in south London and love Greenwich market; always looking for the quirkier, more edgy product. I also didn’t enjoy the experience of being online and missed the contact with the public.

What do you like most about living/working in Ipswich/Suffolk?
Ipswich in many ways reminds me of South East London, but less frenetic. Greenwich and Bermondsey are now really cool trendy places, but that wasn’t always the case. Ipswich I believe can become a trendier place – there are signs of it already.

It definitely is a work in progress, which is why I love it. Location-wise it’s close enough to London for a day trip and the coast is only a short drive away. The Saints area, St Nics and St Peter’s street, is now a great little community of indie businesses – it’s a pleasure to come to work. There is still much to do in the town to improve its retail offer but culturally it’s going from strength to strength

What would you like to see more of in Ipswich and Suffolk?
The biggest improvement for me would be to see the heart of the town; the Cornhill, become a strong centre. A better, more varied market with more artisan and street food. Better high-street shops and fairly priced parking – bring back Park and Ride from Tesco. Generally I wish Ipswich had a better reputation as the county town of Suffolk… Still all work in progress.

What inspires you in general?
Inspiration comes from all over the place… I am a bit of a sponge!

I love travelling and reading, I am an avid magazine reader! Also being part of the I Make Fun Stuff team has meant that I meet lots of talented local (usually but not always) artists and designers. This is a constant source of ideas and motivation.

Twitter: @shoploveone 


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