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The ballad of balance

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The ballad of balance

Perforated ear drums and two left feet,
This idling individual was created incomplete.
The weakest of ankles with the straightest toes;
How I ever learnt to walk is totally unknown.

So whilst my friends skate I smoke,
Thinking up fantastic fantasies of bending my toes.
Whilst they grind I write poems;
Dreams of new feet and good omens.

I’d never be bored:
Just imagine all the boards!

Not just falling over anymore.
I could scale mountains with these new feet,
I’d never skin my knees;
Always landing when I leap.

Taking trips to marvel at mountains and lakes,
Not just trips to land on my face.
A rejuvenated sense of certainty in my legs;
I never did have that missing tooth replaced.

Down the clubs i’d be swinging from poles,
Doing the dirty dancing without stepping on toes.
Wearing heels, like a hoe.
All because I can bend my big toes.

With these feet I could join the bloody circus!
Tightrope treading, the steps exactly exact
Juggling stabilizers whilst riding an elephant’s back.

How neat! Spread feet, head high,
In perfect alignment from toes up the spine.
Me at my best; if only it was real.
I found balance in my life
But none through my heels.


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