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Venus as a Girl

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Venus as a Girl

You liking women
Makes me like
being a woman

It’s easier to draw you
Than it is to write a poem
About your lines

Beside your eyes
And mouth
The curved outline
Of your shape

Your eyes glance
My curves
Your line
Draws my eye

Idle is my ideal
Hence the curves

A life of laughing
Has drawn lines
Of which you are proud
My idol

And so I am proud
Of my curves
Our blurry outlines
Under our steaming bath water
Shimmering Venus gold

With you
There will be no
Straight lines

Eyes lap our curves
My hip fits below
The hollow of yours
My breasts sit
Beneath yours

Against your ribs
With my head laid
On the space
Offered on your chest

Like a river
Both lines run parallel
Mine maybe meander more
But meet with the coast of yours
To kiss

Come together (kiss)
Contained in the constant
Waters flowing through us

Until we ultimately
Meet the ocean
Which parts us

I love your body
Your curve
Your lines
So different
Yet fit so nicely with mine

You liking women
Makes me like
Being a woman.


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