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A Poem for a Sloth I know 23/04/2016

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A Poem for a Sloth I know 23/04/2016

I’m keener on the world when seen through your eyes
You have an ability to think much deeper than me
You have a better understanding of a room’s atmosphere
For the universe’s expansion
And for the songs that you hear
Neither here, nor there
But everywhere; I think jazz suites you
Play another record and take control of the room.
You could talk the ear off a camel
And you have the eyelashes of one
Looking at your eyes is like looking at the sun
You advert your glare before any looking’s begun.
Burn beautifully, but boy don’t burn out
You leave silhouettes in eyes
and secrets to be chewed on in mouths
You are a force to be reckoned with
Vibrating into the wooden floors
I’ve felt your arms console me on a grief stricken night
And the next watch them smash wardrobe doors.
As soft as you are hard
There’s a sweetness to your sour
You unknowingly take charge round the white table
as you watch us during Golden hour.
To drop from the top of your well
to sail down the wealth of your depth
There’s more to you than there ever was in a man.
You’ve trained your heart into a ninja
When it strikes it’s dealt with sincerity and stealth.
You’re a lone wolf, but stood close to the edge of his pack
Pondering on the passing people on the street
Perfectly peculiar but presents self preserving problems particularly when pursuing his black sheep
They make him complete, like a ying to his yang,
A collection of rare vases to go with his Tinder account in Japan.
A darkness to shade the nervous movements in his hands
As he attempts to understand all of his shit
He sometimes feels there’s too much of it
Then remembers the infinite
And thinks about it, smoking a spliff.
As humble as is proud. So quietly loud
As chaotic as is still, you will
continue in your life to an audience of listening ears
To each track I mentally write a paragraph for every song,
To remember you by, when looking back on.
So excuse the way I watch you and marvel at your complexity,
But you’re marvellous
and you’ve bloody knocked the socks off me.


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