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Caffeine dreams of a sleepy bean

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Caffeine dreams of a sleepy bean

I’ve been dreaming of making coffees.
Before my alarm goes off I’m perfecting microfoam in dreams
which fade as I tamp the morning’s first shots.
I’ve been trying not to break the seal
In my sonderous soy flat whites
After the hundredth cup of the hour my milk starts to sour just at the sight.
I’m beginning to remember the orders
the names of the familiar coffee wankers
Don’t bother passing the docket, put it in your tall pockets
I already know how that lovely lady has hers
I don’t know her name but I made her beveridge in my sleep;
Pouring your half-strength skinny latte with wings, whilst rounding up counted-for sheep.
The foam my pillow
and the crema, my sheets
Pour that silky milk all over me.
I’ve been dreaming of frothing cappuccinos
There’s still grains in this head.
I could open a nocturnal cafe to serve sleepy chai’s from my bed.
So when you come for coffee in the morning make sure you smile nice,
I haven’t had my break yet, I’ve been making fucking coffee all fucking night.


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