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Bushy Tail PT. 1

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Bushy Tail PT. 1

Oh you bright eyed one!
Burning my retinas
Your stare the suns
Why ask these questions?
You know my answer
Please, try taking a guess.
Are you so blindsided by the west
that you’re blind to me
I’m not a bad person.
I don’t loathe but I seethe
and I can’t help but know your type
and endured their shite for the past 28 years.
Bushy Tail, count your same years
then look in the mirror to recognise
the fear of your peers.
No, you can’t handle a woman like me
Because you don’t try to understand,
because you don’t even hear.
Yes i’m queer. I’m gay.
Your attention; a magpies
snatched by sparkles in your diamante.


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