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The Heartbreak kid

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The Heartbreak kid

The heart break kid killed me with kisses
Disarmed me with her fingers
It’s an end so thus a new start.
Infactuation is a very funny feeling,
crushing chests, squeezing out nervous laughs.
And the only thing i’m wanting
is to be buried in your arms long past the grey morning
When your light has somehow been matched by the golden suns
I’m spending those saved special wishes
on enchanted sand timers
to pour more minutes into our Sunday mornings,
Today I need more time to mourn this one.
I was caught cactus handed
And all I could do was blush
My palms and heart are prickled
hiding secret blooms destroyed by my defensiveness
over the definitions of us going ‘Dutch”
After years of passing through hands
this really wasn’t part of the plan
Love wasn’t part of the plan
I love when we hold hands.
Allow me a week to blossom
A season for my buds to unpeel
I need to know where I’m standing
How many Rizla’s you’ll let me steal.
Pacing streets armed with avocados
The corner of your mouth lifts my mind
Total infactuation has confused me
Just give me time
    give me time
    give me wine.


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