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I’m pining for you already
when I havent yet left the state
and I’m already in a state
You’re still to put on your work boots
the hysterical high-vis still hanging
with one foot hanging out of the bed
get those toes back in Toots
surely it’s not time yet
I’m jealous of the piece of pepper in your teeth
Your auburn curls tease me
lucky them tucked behind your ears
I need negotiations with your knees
to see, how long your legs are willing to wrap around me
pleading your pores to open up to me
plotting to destroy alarms
give me more time to watch you sleep
to breathe you in before you begin
putting on your work boots
couting your 4 things
filling your pockets with tissues
the hysterical high-vis
baby, you’re the business
in your work boots
damn, you’re cute.


It’s ok to lie it out in front of you
If it all falls from underneath and you can’t see your calm seas or
the five fingers in front of your face.
It’s ok to admit your loneliness
When they’ve fallen from your side as you’ve said your goodbyes to the old horizons as melancholy rides you to the next place.
It’s ok to just do whatever you fucking well want to when you’ve been royally riddled by life.
Enduring 8 years of loneliness
Before being delivered a future wife
Who remains in another country
As we try to build a life.


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