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The Perfect End of Mutuality

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The Perfect End of Mutuality

I can see him, I just need to be him
Take strength from his good
Take a risk like he would
Keep smiling
Don’t refrain
You are you in all your glory
Every step and word of your story
Takes you closer to who you are.

When goodness strikes
it is not wrong nor right
It is a grey knowing
a plain understanding
that what they think
is just like you, and
what you think
we think too.

To stand out
to be seen and heard
to be looked up to
is absurd
For who are you if you’re not them?
If you’re not women, if you’re not men?
How different can a person be
when life is stripped back?

We are but each other
sister, son, daughter and brother
and anything in between
what they are we have all seen
So try mighty self
try harder than yourself
Try as much as might can give
to be
the perfect end of mutuality
me and you and you and me.


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