IP1 Magazine

IP1 magazine was a much-loved print title that ran for 12 years; distributed free to young people across Ipswich and Suffolk.

Issue 34 Cover

Issue 34

Featuring: IP1 Summer Calendar, Smoking, Charity Shop Chic, Is Uni Worth It?, Classical Closets, Ideals, Lying Addict and My Pet Death (Oi you, stop drinking my sea monkeys!)

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Issue 33 Cover

Issue 33

Featuring: 10 Years of IP1 Magazine, Youth Re: Action, DELS, Ipswich Clubbing, Tom Wheeler, Gemma Correll, Illegal Highs, Millionaires By Morning, and Pub Snack Addicts (Crack is bad for you!)

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Issue 32 Cover

Issue 32

Featuring: My Greatest Conquest, Truth, Fauxcialising, Sam Peet, Never Stop Learning, Tom Russell, A World Apart, Coffee Addict and Cheating in a Chatroom (get outta the chatroom you two-timing user!)

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Issue 31 Cover

Issue 31

Featuring: Nee-Hi (The Fresh Prince of Ip-Swich), End of Year ShowOffs, Alex Haines, Pre-party [in a Chatroom], Emily Boon Ying Tan, Ketamine, Beating Anorexia, Ryan Crisp , Tasha Kowalski, Monster Road Trip Inc. and Gaming Addicts (It’s awful, I can’t stop playing with myself!)

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Issue 30 Cover

Issue 30

Featuring: Summer Festivals, Kimbo, Unemployment in a Chatroom, Cops, Gully Regiment, a holiday from hell, Football/Germans/Beer, and lots ShowOffs parading about semi-naked (If you’ve got it flaunt it, if you don’t get it then you’re dumb)

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Issue 18 Cover

Issue 18

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