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Naked Conversation

I wrote this one about four maybe five months ago. It was on reflection to a relationship I had well everything just seemed to go numb.

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Naked Conversation

I walk across this worn out carpet like I’m stepping across burning hot rocks,
My voice is no longer your source of comfort,
Your voice is no longer my sweet release,
Tension builds and seeps in through my skin and into my blood stream,

It’s so long since we made love,
It’s such a long time since I saw you strip away my love.

Such a long time we spoke in naked conversation,
So long since we shared more than just liquid in a bottle.
Such a long time since my fingers brushed through your hair,
So long since you let me go down there.

Use to be a time when things were open for me to see
Now you keep them locked away, seems like I’ve misplaced my once magic key.


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