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Letter to UCS concerning moron.

I decided to compose an email to a couple of high-ranking people at UCS after Ben Redman got off without any jail time or compensation to pay to Stepheh Hails, who last December was rendered sightless in his left eye when he tried to stop Redman from pushing a girl onto a car bonnet;

Why is this guy being let off?! Voice your concerns to the University who are now beginning internal disciplinary action.

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Letter to UCS concerning moron.

Dear Sirs,

          As the respective Chief Executive Officer of UCS and Head of the relevant school of learning, I would like to express my concern at today’s (12/08/11) article in the local media on the subject of Mr. Ben Redman’s assault on a local man, Mr. Stephen Hails.

As a recent UEA graduate and resident of Ipswich, I am disgusted by such behaviour and would feel considerable anger and shame if Mr. Redman was allowed to continue to study in my hometown come next semester. Seeing as sanctions, according the article, have been imposed upon him at “his mother’s address in Basildon” (Chris Harris; East Anglian Daily Times, Friday August 12 2011, pp. 20) I see no reason why a similar instance will not reoccur in the following 6 months here in Ipswich and am therefore voicing my support for appropriate vigilance as you begin your internal disciplinary process.

Mr. Redman’s actions have only incurred a suspended sentence and community service; a poor excuse for discipline considering the physical damage to Mr. Stephen Hails, complimented by his defence (questionably) drawing on his student status - that hangs on your joint authority - to justify Mr. Redman’s not providing financial compensation; surely an irrelevant factor when the welfare of a man and taking responsibility for your individual actions is concerned. A brief look on the subject’s social media pages (Facebook - Ben Redman) shows a distinct lack of remorse, a keen passion for boxing which in this case was clearly misused and even pride at injuries sustained in a recent fight (July 2011) he presumably lost. This all strongly suggests a certain indifference to the proceedings which presumably adds to the frustration of Mr. Hails as well as other residents such as myself who wholeheartedly reject this kind of behaviour. I do not pretend to know Mr. Hails in anyway, but feel duty-bound to add my voice in helping maintain any kind of dignity Mr. Hails may still possess.

I sincerely hope you will act accordingly and consider this message as a promulgation of just one individual’s dismay at this “man’s” actions.

Thankyou for your time,

Yours Faithfully,

Jack Burrows


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