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Culture of Vultures

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Culture of Vultures

with each nail painted
and every hair shaved
feeling my feline feminine form
i’m ready to misbehave

each eyelash tinted
wearing black for my sins
with the final draw on a cigarette
the wine ends and the night begins

i’m aware of my hair
i feel the tightness of my calves
against borrowed high heels
I catch my breath as the wind grabs my arse
Laughing at my reflection in the passing cars.

i am a Woman.
for tonight at least
my skins softened by coco butter
i’ve even got fucking whitener on my teeth

Yeah I’m a sex panther
stalking the crowds
searching for a copulating kind of connection
on these fertile, drinking grounds
Lions fight to fuck their females
Men buy rounds.

This is the culture of vultures; man.
21st century meat market mercenaries
Armed to disarm, attachment unnecessary.


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