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Travellers weren’t meant to be hoarders

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Travellers weren’t meant to be hoarders

Pack up the old curtains
Pick passed it blue tac off the walls
and don’t look at the ceilings.
Regret the westerners materialistic shortcomings
of a traveller who bought five jumpers
and acquired shoes, countless pairs of shoes.
Nikes for every night we go out dancing.
Roll up the blankets,
The five thousand rupee wall hanging
bought on the bombastic beaches in Goa
Admit your shameful need of extra litres
And buy another pack
Trade Secret broke this camel’s back
and now she needs a bigger pack to pack up this crap
A refund policy on all the mistakes I’ve made on the way
Chances not taken. Drugs taken at raves
So just roll up your socks and tuck them in the corners
A multitude of memorabilia over the borders
Travellers weren’t meant to be hoarders.
So pack up your rainbow of t-shirts
And take the pictures down from the wall
Each one a photograph of all i’ve ever wanted
but couldn’t carry, or more likely afford.


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