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The ocean can be so lonesome

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The ocean can be so lonesome


The ocean can be so lonesome
To be alone amongst stones
on the stretching Northern shores
Watching as ghosts ships sail by
with all of your demons on board
I thought I should warn you babe
that one day I may sail that ship
I promised I’d write postcards
For you to read the sacramentos
never spoken from our lips
We never seemed to exceed our limits
Did we darlin
Our shared loneliness swallowed us whole
until we both ceased to exist
The tide turned and the winds only made her stronger
Tiny hands held trinkets of treasures
Now a woman returns them to the sea
She’s held them too long; she’ll hold them no longer.
She deserves some peace.


Thick jumpers for first kisses on the pier
Holding hands overhearing seagulls
discussing drunk men disappeared into the sea
Cheap coffees warming our cold and continuous loss for those dear
Watching the waves constant threat
that each time it pulls away
it promises to come back
I count the seconds until it next leaves
as I’m with the sea
One day it’ll swallow the life from me
swallowing continents
the breeze from the trees
and that the sea’s all there’ll be.
So as I said I might be looking for a ship babe
From this abstract society it’ll remove me
I only hope it can endure me
And at the world’s end when I reach the horizon
I’ll stand my ground and make a deal with Tritan
to send the waves your way and upon them another ship
to sail you to the edge of my universe to be stood by my hip.
Hand in hand to carry one another safely through
to which ever beautiful life that we choose
I said goodbye to my girl only once before
And ever since watched her slight ghost pace the Island shores.


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